How to choose the right heating for your home. Atamate controls all types of heating for every kind of home. Make the smart choice for your warm and comfortable house.
Underfloor heating can have long warm-up and cool down times so is controlled differently that faster response heating systems.
Radiant heaters can have short warm up times, and warm people rather than the air in a room. Greater comfort and energy savings in your low energy home.
In modern, highly insulated homes even small rises in temperature can cause overheating. Reduce discomfort and maintain great air quality with Atamate software.

Community hall

Affordable control of heating, lighting and entry for this community hall

Low energy flats

The landlord/developer was looking to demolish two 1900’s terraced houses in Cardiff.

Retire in comfort

The owners of this 3-bedroom maisonette in North Oxford were keen to improve the efficiency of…

Country living

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